In-line HEPA Filter

This in-line HEPA filter can retrofit to any Haag-Streit Reliance ENT treatment cabinet, offering added safety to both patient and practice. HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air and provides a minimum efficiency of 99.97% when tested with aerosol of 0.3 micrometer diameter. This is in addition to the filter located in the disposable suction canister lid, which provides a 99.99% filtration efficiency of aerosolized micro-organisms and particulate matter.

Specifications and details are as follows:

  • Suction bacteria filter prevents fluids and other contaminants from entering and damaging the pump
  • Protects suction machine
  • Filtration at 0.3 Micron
  • Filter type: Hydrophobic/HEPA
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 99.999%+
  • Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE): 99.999%+
  • Connections:
    • In: 1/4″ to 3/8″ stepped barb
    • Out: 1/4″ to 3/8″ stepped barb