T-Cone, Toric Planner Platform, & Online Training

The T-Cone Toric platform complements LENSTAR’s comprehensive measurement palette with true 11-ringe Placido topography of the central 6mm of the anterior cornea, and highly accurate K-readings of the 2.3 and the 1.65mm rings. This offers reassurance of axis location and determines regularity and symmetry of the astigmatism.

With the integrated Barrett Toric Calculator taking cornea front and back surface into account, you achieve excellent toric IOL calculation. And, the software enables you to plan the surgery on high-resolution images of the eye that can be transferred to the surgery room via EyeSuite for improved outcomes.

Includes T-Cone, Toric Planner Platform, and online training.


Serial Number * 

Can be found on the patient-side (Lenstar/Slit Lamp) or side (Octopus) of the device.

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